Logo design

Logo design and branding colors creation, are essential steps in creating your brand

Logo design with branding and colors

A logo is essential for your business because it communicates the idea, the quality, the visual identity, in some cases the message, and the value you offer. It should match your vibe and vision of the company. That way it can achieve the best effect with potential clients.

Design rules dictate that your logo should work just as well in black and white (monochrome print) as it does in color.
If the black and white version doesn’t look good, it won’t look good in any color. The form and shape is the basis, and the colors are adjusted according to the given idea.
We create a logo according to your idea, verbal or sketched, or we propose solutions. The logo will be delivered in vector form in curves, which is suitable for professional printing and for all purposes that you will need in the future.

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Logo design and color palette creation

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Creating a logo is the process of creating a visual identity that will achieve recognition and present the vision of your company or product. We achieve the form first by sketching the idea, and by narrowing down the choices, and then we finalize the work. The logo should work well on various shapes and materials, so it would be good to avoid small parts, because this makes it easier to use in different situations. For example, print on T-shirts, or a mug. An effective logo is recognizable, practical, graphically simple, and conveys the desired message. In its simplest form, a logo is there to identify a company or product, but to do so effectively it must follow the basic principles of logo design. It must be simple, and sustainable for years to come. It should be suitable in form and concept for the client and its industry.
For example: if we are designing for a fashion brand, then the logo could be elegant, but if we are designing for a sports brand, then the logo must probably be bold and dynamic.

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logo design - meli logo designer
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Redizajn logotipa - Obrt Petrovic