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Here is why every business owner should own a good website

Many small business owners think that a Facebook page is enough for an online presence. Facebook is a good place to start, it is free and offers many opportunities to showcase products and interact with customers.
But the truth is that a quality website is the best way for small businesses to start growing their business. You can read more in the following article.
A website in addition to social networks helps improve search results for your products or services and increase interest.
You are truly visible on google if you own a quality website with the right Search terms or keywords.
A professional website is a fundamental tool that every business needs.

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How having a website can help your business

If you’re still not sure that building a website will help your business, consider these reasons



Promotes and sells products or services


It is the foundation for your marketing


It helps local businesses compete with big companies

Customer reach

It gives you an extra reach to potential customers in all areas


It builds credibility and loyalty


What are the main steps included in the web design process?

Initial briefing

In the initial conversation, we talk about your business vision and we are learning all about the service or product that you offer. What are your goals, what type is your general audience, what is the radius in which you have the most customers, and which are the areas that you do not cover but would like to cover? Then, what are the values that you offer that make you stand out from the competition? These are the questions we need to answer, in order to get an idea of what kind of content and design would be the best for getting new leads


You may already have a logo and a color palette, in which case we adapt the website to that, perhaps adding some color to highlight the details. If you don't have a logo or an idea about colors, we suggest several solutions. Colors should reflect the sensibility of the website. Design evokes emotion in us, and it is easiest to compare it with a car, Sporty red cars give a daring, aggressive, and firm impression, while SUVs give a stable, calmer, and more secure impression. So your website, with regard to the selection of colors and transitions, sends certain messages. With softer edges and gentle colors, we achieve a softer and more feminine look, and with sharp edges and stronger contrasts, we achieve a clear and bold look.


Content is what is crucial in order to capture the attention of customers, i.e. what Google reads with its scanners on our pages, and saves in its archives, so that at a particular moment, when the user is searching for the service or product you offer, Google shows your website in the list of results. The content should preferably be original, concise, and not too short or too long.

Website design and development

We develop a version of the design that meets the stated goals, and after you review the idea, we may have a few extra changes, to perhaps tweak some parts of the layout. After the initial revisions, we have the basic idea of the front page, and then we can proceed with the creation of sub-pages, footers, and the main menu. Changes are done in iterations of several days. After each iteration, we send an email with a detailed report on what was done and why, and links for review. Upon completion of your new website, we are ready to launch!