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My name is Melita, and I’m web designer who is based in Croatia. Web design is something I started to do when I joined the IT world as a project manager in app development 8 years ago.
What I like most about my job is that it allows me to be creative in presenting the idea and vision my clients have for their businesses.

The goal is to understand them first. What is their drive, and what kind of message do they want to present to the world? After that, our goal is to understand their potential clients. We start with narrowing it down to general types of clients, then we do an analysis of their needs and behaviors. They are our target goal. From there, we start designing and building a new website.
Each website is different from the view, messages, content, and idea, because each client is an individual, shaping his or her business, and I help them shape their online presence.
In my free time I love being in nature with my Jack Russell, and I also do acrylic paintings. Painting helps me to expand my creative force with colors, shadings, and structure, which relaxes me and in turn helps me in my website design.

All the best,

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Web design

Details that are essential to stand out. Settings that ensure the best performance.

Logo design

A logo that will fit perfectly into the look of a new website. Redesign of the existing logo

Content creation

The content of the website that brings the best results and visits to your website